About Us

The Huard family (Jerry & Kathy) own and operate La Rosa Gardens Located in Ladysmith within Central Vancouver Island. La Rosa caters to seniors who require no or some assistance with daily living.

Our family has lived in the Ladysmith area for over 40 years. We have a strong kinship with the Community and are committed to providing the best care and support for our residents.

History of 4 All Seasons

In 1967 our family fell in love with Vancouver Island and decided to move to Yellowpoint where we purchased the resort known as Field’s Pool.  We renamed the resort 4 All Seasons and have enjoyed living and working in this beautiful setting ever since.

During the first several years of living at the resort we often lent support to seniors living at the 21 unit care facility adjoining the resort property.  The family subsequently had the opportunity to purchase the facility and this started our long term relationship into being caregivers; a role that was not new to us, even back then, and one that we very much enjoy.  From the previous generation to current generations the family has always felt it is our Christian calling to assist others less fortunate than ourselves.

We acquired La Rosa Gardens in 2003 for seniors’ health care and accommodation to serve individuals within Ladysmith and the adjoining areas. La Rosa is located in a very tranquil setting and is very much enjoyed by our residents, their friends and family.